TRANSFORMATIONS of Montgomery County, Inc.


·    Transformations works with low-income, single-head-of-household families to make their residences feel like home.

As you may know, we are currently working on a special project with The National Center for Children and Families: helping young people who are aging out of foster care.


·      Our team of professionals helps residents in many ways, such as: 

      o      Improving space planning

o      Using color effectively

o      Organizing 

o      Providing appropriate lighting

       o      Working with existing furnishings or providing new furnishings

And providing a comfortable, functional space that lends a sense of dignity to those who have found it in short supply. 


In partnership with other organizations, we create a residential setting that promotes healthy, positive growth, as well as improved physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. This results in a stronger, more productive individual and a stronger community.

Check out Transformations on TV!
Here is our very own Bethany Portner being interviewed on Connecting Our Community.
(2 parts)


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