TRANSFORMATIONS of Montgomery County, Inc/PCC
                                                                 Please view our Wish List for our second client in the FutureBound Independent Living program of NCCF.

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Giving To the Community


 Improving Lives by Design


Interior designers have long known that an appropriately thought-out, well-designed space improves the lives of their clients. Transformations takes that knowledge into the community to help those who could benefit the most from an environment offering dignity, safety, and a sense of open possibilities.

NEW! : Transformations of Montgomery County is particpating in the Rockville Rewards Program along with our sponsor Animal Exchange. Want to get great discounts at over 50 Rockville stores and restaurants for just $25?  Transformations gets 100% of the card purchase price! See our donations page for purchase informations.

Thanks to everyone who came out and wore turqouise to the Second Annual FUN-raiser in June! We look forward to seeing you at the next one! If you like what we do feel free to contribute to us in our donations page!

Curious about Transformations' work? Check out the success stories page and view the video testimony of Alyse - who benefited greatly from the program!

TRANSFORMATIONS of Montgomery County, Inc.


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